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Central Coast Cook
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My November Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window this morning was sun, which is a nice change from the coastal fog we are used to seeing in the morning. The trees are starting to turn colors. The nights are starting to get colder and it is time to pull out the extra blankets. It is hard to see it in this picture. This is the best view I could get from my cubicle at work.

I am thinking about whether I need to get another job until I can pay the property taxes for the house. Selling things in the house we don't need isn't going over very well. I really need a good debt-reduction plan. It might be a Dollar Store Christmas this year. I wish I could ditch my bills for one month and put that money towards the taxes.

I am thankful for God's grace and love. He gives me hope where there is none to be found. I am thankful for my family and my church family. I know they are there for me no matter what.

In the kitchen my husband is a magician. He cooks crack in the kitchen. (Great food is what I mean. lol) I can't stop eating it and I don't know how I will ever lose weight that way. He even finds a way to make Hamburger Helper taste awesome! This isn't Hamburger Helper by the way. I actually cooked this, because for some reason I don't take pictures of the awesome food he cooks.

I am wearing black silky pants with a comfy black top. Nothing too exciting.
I am creating nothing right now. I have finished my cross-stitch for my Pastor. It only took 2 years and I lost it for at least 1 year. Now I need to get it dry cleaned, blocked and framed. I also finished writing the script for our Christmas play that is coming up next month. Because I am still working on the finishing touches and rehearsals, other projects are currently shelved. Here is a picture of my finished cross-stitch.
We worked on props for our play this Saturday. Our wings are looking awesome and I only have a little left to finish them, but the painting and creation is taking longer. We will definitely need another day to finish them. I am kind of excited and nervous about getting it all done on time. We have a lot to do and we will need all the help we can get.
I am wondering what God has in store for me. How do I free up my time for the things I feel led to do? I feel compelled to pitch in and help, but that cuts my other time down for using my gifts. I guess I need a time manager too.
I am reading The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock. as well as other books in my Kindle.

I am hoping for God's miracles and provisions. I need to stay hopeful or the enemy creeps in and robs my joy.
I am looking forward to our Christmas play this year. The cast is having a lot of fun at practices. Lots of laughter, but the message of Christ is clear. I am also looking forward to some much needed time off of work.
I am learning that I need to ask for more help. All the things my family thinks I can or should do is just too much for one person and it is time for them to do some things for themselves. I have become the go to gal for everything, including being a referee between them.
Around the house things are moving around. Furniture is coming and going. We are making room for the tree. Things are getting picked up and organized. Now we need to clear out the garage again. It seems to be our catch all and we need to make that stop.
I am pondering what my life's path could be. There are so many ways to serve, but God hasn't revealed what He wants me to do yet. I guess I am still in training.
A favorite quote for today came from my daughter. She had me laughing so hard. She said, "If mother nature does it to mothers, does father nature do it to fathers?"
One of my favorite things is rain and we just don't have enough of it. Maybe I will have to move to someplace rainier.
A few plans for the rest of the week We have play rehearsal tonight, prayer meeting Friday and our Pastor's birthday party on Saturday. Also, the new theater here in town will be opening up with $2 movies, $2 popcorn and $2 drinks that are being donated to different charities. My husband and I are planning to see Man of Steel.
A peek into my day work is steady so far, check run coming later along with internal auditing. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Your x-stitch picture is beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Our garage is always the catch all for us too. Hubby just cleaned it up this past weekend.
    Sounds beautiful outside your window.
    Enjoy your week!