Central Coast Cook

Central Coast Cook
Morro Bay, CA

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Daybook

I am thinking about how much is involved in trying to get Medi-cal paperwork filled out for Mom. It is hard to get print outs when your printer is out of ink and you don't have the money to buy any more. I still have to get my daughter's paperwork completed too.
I am thankful that the Lord gave me a good brain. Without it, life would be so much more difficult.
In the office it is my busy Thursday. Can't get into details, but Thursday is my busiest day.
I am wearing a gray top with silver decorations and black pants. Token black clogs.
I am creating a database to catalog all the collectible game cards I have so that I can sell them off. I was blessed with a sale of 4 cards at about $130.00 ea. Thank you Lord for your provision.
I am going nowhere this weekend. My niece has a birthday so I might see if there is a birthday party this weekend, but as of now I have no idea.
I am wondering If I have anything this weekend. I am just not sure. Maybe we should do another garage sale.
I am still reading The Awakened by Jason Tesar, but I am very much struggling through it. Maybe it just isn't my kind of story. I am sure it is mostly background for the rest of the series, but I am feeling bogged down with details.
Jason Tesar's Awakened Series

I am hoping my daughter behaved herself at her sleepover. I am hoping for a better week at school next week.
I am looking forward to payday. I so need to get paid right now.
I am learning about the end times. I am amazed by how many different opinions there are about how it will all go down.

Around the house we are cataloging game cards, working on de-cluttering and trying to find some emotional balance.

I am pondering what my next move is in the long list of things I need to do.

One of my favorite things is my husband's cooking. He makes this BBQ sauce from BBQ sauce, salsa and teriyaki sauce. I told him it like eating crack because I can't get enough of it.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1.Church tonight
2. Sorting cards and resting
3. Relaxing I hope

A peek into my day... My daughter lost another tooth. Pulled it out herself, brave girl.

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