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Central Coast Cook
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Christmas Play Writings and Other Tasks

I tried to stay out of the Christmas play this year, but that wasn't meant to be. The play's creator had writer's block, so she tagged me. Now it's my turn in the ring and I am just having fun with it. The Three Un-Wise Men should be pretty cute. We can't make it too elaborate because our church is small and we can't have the whole church in it or we might not have an audience.

I love writing, but it is mostly a hidden pleasure. Some friends know that I write, but it is not something I share with everyone. I am actually approaching the end of my first book. I have no idea what to do with it when I am done.


My daughter's Dad is still in the hospital. He has been in ICU for 3 weeks. When she was 1 his heart actually stopped and they were able to bring him back to life. He was 600 pounds and his heart and lungs couldn't support his body anymore. That was 6 years ago. Now he is over 500 pounds and worse off physically than he was then. He almost died again. I am trying to be strong for my daughter who doesn't want her Daddy to die. He doesn't live with us, in fact he is pretty far away, but she still cries when he is sick. I wonder if he thinks about how much it effects her at all.

I have been trying to get my life in order. It is hard to do when you don't have time to do the things you need to do. Budgets, working 2 jobs, cluttered spaces abounding and sifting through boxes in the garage. I need a few clones. At least my current cross-stitch project is almost complete. It is actually in the outline stage, this is an older picture.

Well, after birthday party planning and two meetings after work, I am beat and it is 11 p.m. I am so ready for bed. I will sign off for now. Good night.

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