Central Coast Cook

Central Coast Cook
Morro Bay, CA

Friday, October 19, 2012

In Memory

We lost a good friend on Thursday. He died in a freak accident. His girlfriend Tricia is really suffering and I just wish I could take the pain for her. She has been through so much already. Now she is being hurt by his family as well. I don't understand why people become such nasty, hurtful, vultures after someone dies. Every time someone dies, there is always one person who makes the situation bad. I had this happen to me as well. Usually, it is family that really commits the greater problem. Especially when it is family against family. Having been a victim of this way of thinking, I am disgusted by it. Isn't the loss hard enough? People who take it upon themselves to sell personal property that wasn't meant for them is despicable. People who come into to someone's home who is grieving and helps themselves to the deceased person's items is trespassing. Be respectful people!

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