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Central Coast Cook
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Monday, April 14, 2014

April Daybook

Join me and many other lovely people over at the Simple Woman's Daybook.

In my cubicle world... The walls are changing. People are moving about. We hear banging with hammers and drills and electric screwdrivers. The dust bunny army is rising and the masks are nowhere to be found.

I am thinking... Tomorrow is tax day. I still don't have my taxes done. I am in real trouble here.

I am thankful... God's provisions. He is faithful even when I am not.

My lunch today... Cold fried chicken, pretzel thins and Gatorade.

I am wearing... Blue top with busy designs & copper and silver studs. Oh and black pants.

I am creating... I am getting things wrapped up on our Christmas play for this year. Now to submit to the "board" for cuts and changes.

Here is a picture from last year's play that I wrote, inspired by God.

I want to go... See my friend in Antioch for her birthday. She needs cheering up.

I am wondering... So many things I think my brain is smoking.

I am reading... Creatus by: Carmen DeSousa. I haven't actually started it yet, but it is next in my list of books.

I am hoping... for a miracle with my Mom's Worker's Comp settlement case in May and the Disability issues that have recently arisen.

I am learning... That I am not responsible for the other "adults" in the house who make bad choices.

Around the house... I am trying to sell everything I can to raise the money we are short. Some days work well and others, not so much. So far the Lord is providing. This is still true for April.

I am pondering... Whether I have time to do encouragement cards again.

A favorite quote for today... Sorry, I just don't have anything right now.

One of my favorite things... Santa Maria Style BBQ on every corner every weekend.

A few plans: Recovering from my sinus and ear infection. Taking better care of myself.

A peek into my day...  A picture of me and one of my brothers. It was siblings day on FB, so we took this picture. I need a tan. Hehehe.


  1. Hope you managed to get your tax return in on time, or at least not too overdue!!

    1. Hi Eileen,

      We were able to get it done. God blessed us with a great return to help with much needed expenses. Thanks for coming by.

  2. I certainly need a tan too! Sounds like you are a busy person - writing a Christmas play sounds fun and challenging. Typepad has been down so much I'm just finally getting round to visiting some of my visitors! Nice to meet you and get a glimpse of your goings on - Blessings :-)

    1. Thanks for popping by Lisa. It is only my second time ever writing a script. I like writing, but scripts are hard. People want to cram all of this stuff in an hour or two. It works the creative process to the wall sometimes. :)