Central Coast Cook

Central Coast Cook
Morro Bay, CA

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Dim Sum Day ~ Little Pieces of Heaven

It's a Dim Sum kind of Day

Tito (Black) on the left and Leo (White) on the right. These two kitties can be counted on to camp out with me all day long when I am sick. They are my Yin and Yang when I am resting up.
My youngest gremlin. She is growing up so fast. She has a sweet smile, but a very wild spirit.

Pampered Chef Spring Launch in Santa Clara. Mrs. Church brings it home in her "Demo" as she sings her way to the top. I had a great time with "the girls".
My friend took this awesome picture at Pfeiffer Beach up Highway 1 on the coast of California. She said there was purple sand. I think I will have to visit this place.
Thanks for sharing a few lovely things with me this month.

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